Monday, June 14, 2010

DAY-XII: Dilli-O-Dilli

Delhi welcomed us with the scorching heat. What can we expect in the month of June! Still, we had to bear it and to proceed further with our Nanos. It was a pleasure being in the town after a gap of 10 days and minus the temperature I was happy.

Today we had a tough time while doing the landmark activity. Being the National Capital, security is the 'Siyappa' here. But being a disciplined citizen we need to respect all this, after all it is for our welfare only.

The landmark photographs will be coming tomorrow only, today 'm home so bit relaxed. Just recharging myself for next part of the trip. lolz.

After the landmark activity when I was returning home, the climate took a 'U' turn and the bright sky was dusky. Thank GOD it started drizzling, and the para went down as well the pollution and dust.

I was beside Lotus Temple then, could not resist to take the camera out and also few clicks before reaching home.

Lotus Temple...

Delhi,Delhi rains,India,Akshardham

Akshardham Mandir...
Delhi,Delhi rains,India,Akshardham

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