Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DAY-VII: Flag-off for Amritsar

Hello People,

After a eventful day yesterday we are already started for Amritsar. Our team is full of energy as every morning and was flagged-off by Telmos Automobile's MD, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta. Thank you very much Sir for being there so early in the morning and on time.

Today is going to be a long day, we have 450+ kilometers to eat-out, just hope to get little deserted roads so that we can rave in those single lanes.

And guyz, are you thinking about photographs!!! Are not you people getting bored from the same flag-off photographs, our 'Nano Toli' parked in-front of dealership points which seems to me that they are just chained and want to break-free!!! Just sharing my personal opinion, just hope it's no offense. AT least for a change 'm not going to shoot until the shutter sounds comes straight from my heart. Hope you will bear with me and will keep me following and complementing as you are doing. I just hope 'Haryana ki Khetiyan' aur 'Punjab ki Gaon' will do some magic.

But find the only photograph from the Flag-off event by Mr. Sanjeev.


And see what he has arranged, Yes 'DHOL'...

And also for a change, 'm gonna be the Pilot today. So  you people can expect a detailed technical ride report from my end in next 24 hours or so, which is pending since long.

Catch me up here again late in the evening to update yourselves. See ya...

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